Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some links on the Harrit paper

About the peer-review by David L. Griscom:

Steven Jones presents data that inadvertantly proves sample e (the MEK-soaked chip) is WTC steel primer:

2nd Editor in Chief resigned over the Harrit et al. nanothermite paper:

Opinion: 911 Movement Needs Clean Up and Focus on Activism

Review of Harrit:

Gunnar Ries debunks Harrit (critique of methods)
Harrit replies:

Somebody at "Debunking the Debunkers" tries to debunk a post by me at JREF:

The Tillotson paper on sol-gel nanothermite that is referenced in figure 29:

Added 2011/09/05:

About Harrit lecture in Lillehammer, Norway, on 2009/05/23 on Youtube

Transcript of what Norwegian Scientists said in that Youtube: Another version, more from the source:

Mark Basile Video presentation "911 Dust Analysis Raises Questions":!

A good, practical article about the chemistry of thermite (many variants):

Technical Data Sheets for commercial iron oxide pigments, giving pigment shape and size: Yipin Iron Oxide Pigments

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