Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Origin of Steven Jones' paint controll sample

1240 - Sunstealer: "damn, metamars, be a good chap will you and find the bit in Jones' report where it details what paint he used. Thanks."

1354 - metamars: "Thank-you. I just sent Professor Jones and email requesting the exact paint type, but as he didn't directly reply to my last email (though cc'ing me on others), I'm a little doubtful that I'll get a direct answer. We'll see."

1366 - Sunstealer: "You can also ask him why he failed to put that crucial information in his paper and whilst you're at it slap his wrist for such a basic error, it's unforgivable for someone of a post graduate level. "

1406 - metamars: "Professor Jones has replied. He wants to know for which purpose the paint you are asking about is supposed to be for. (AFAIR, there was a test for resistance, and some burn tests).

Can you please formulate the paint question more precisely. As in "The paint you referred to on page X, paragraph y, for which z was claimed, is which exact paint?"

1422 - Sunstealer: "Sure - I'm surprised he hasn't had more queries.

The following is from the bottom of page 16 and the top of page 17 of the paper.

2. Test Using Methyl Ethyl Ketone Solvent

By employing some means to separate the different components of the material, the chemical compositions of the different particles in the red layer were more accurately determined. The initial objective was to compare the behavior of the red layer with paint when soaked in a strong organic solvent known to soften and dissolve paint. Red/gray chips were soaked in methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) for 55 hours with frequent agitation and subsequently dried in air over several days. The chips showed significant swelling of the red layer, but with no apparent dissolution. In marked contrast, paint chips softened and partly dissolved when similarly soaked in MEK.

Those are the paint specimens I and everyone is interested in - what are they (that requires detail). I presume that this same paint was used for all of the testing comparisons.

I'd also ask why that particular type of paint was chosen as opposed to any other.

I'll leave it there for the moment - thanks.

1467 - metamars: "I submitted your post as the paint question. Actually, I broke it up into 2 questions, the last line in the quote above being question #2. "

1524 - metamars: "Professor Jones replied:

We used an epoxy paint used to paint the stadium at BYU, supposing that to be relatively resistant to solvent attack.

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